18th Birthday Gifts

Published: 21st July 2010
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18th Birthday Gifts , 18th Birthday Gifts for Girls

We at Findmeagift.com feel that turning a landmark number should be a momentous occasion! Sweet 16 is a classic where you are revelling in the heady and often hormonally emotional years of being a teenager. The next big number is celebrating the transition from teenage to adulthood! 18th Birthday gifts should reflect this important change in the form of a more mature, traditional gift.
If you are looking for 18th Birthday gifts for girls, why not opt for a sentimental keepsake, such as a personalised champagne glass or piece of silver jewellery? No doubt her friends will furnish the big day with novelty presents ranging from the rude to the ridiculous, so getting an 18th Birthday gift that can be treasured for a life time will mark the momentous occasion in a special way.

By the time you are into your 18th year, you will be able to legally drink, smoke, get married and have sex. The reality of the situation usually results in the teenager waking up to the realisation "Oh my god, I'm a grown up with responsibilities I do not want." Shakily getting out of bed and wondering downstairs to family faces that seem to read 'Finally she's old enough to move out and leave us in peace', you will evidently need to appease the poor thing with an 18th Birthday gift to make her feel special and loved.

Sat next to an envelope containing a £10 Boots gift voucher from Gran, nestled between a beautifully deceiving parcel of novelty socks and a poster tube (that you later discover holds not the Black Eyed Peas poster you have been wanting, but a 2012 wall planner) is a mystery box. You can tell mum has wrapped it by the military precision sticky tape and lashings of curly ribbon spewing from the top like foam from a broken washing machine. You expect something 'useful and practical' with little thought and certainly not what you find.

After tackling the sticky tape fortifications and commenting on your mother's ribbon handiwork, you finally get into the gift. Nestled in a box, lined in white satin is a crystal champagne glass. You don't own your own tea mug at this age, let alone a champagne flute! You read the inscription...
Darling daughter,
Your 18th Birthday
And as dear to us
As on your first x
So you christen your crystal glass with a drop of champagne at breakfast.
A beautifully sentimental 18th Birthday gift that will later be used to toast so many more occasions, including your own daughters 18th! So if you are looking for special 18th Birthday gifts for girls, head over to Findmeagift.com where we have a wonderful selection to suit all tastes!

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