Published: 17th February 2010
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Available on pre-order from an online gift retailer near you...the classic 80's toy, Big Trak!

Childhood memories are the best aren't they? Whole weeks were spent trying to crack the ever-frustrating Rubik's Cube, not to mention the time you spent waiting for your new Sinclair Spectrum cassette to load! We've got used to a generation of handsfree, remote controlled and wireless devices but they say the old times are the best, so relive those classic memories with the ultimate 80's toy. Please put your hands together for a round of retro applause because Big Trak is back!

Originally launched in 1979, Milton Bradley's Big Trak was the must have toy for millions! This six-wheeled tank featured a 23-button keypad, on which you could punch in a number of commands for it to follow. No remote controls, no bluetooth; Big Trak tested your directional skills to the limit. You couldn't cheat if you'd entered a command incorrectly either; there was no display to check if you'd messed up your route. An educational masterpiece, Big Trak was a huge success in the 1980s and it's set to make a huge comeback for summer 2010!

Complete with the blue photon beam headlamp, Big Trak is a great way to relive those childhood memories. Buy one for your neighbour and race them along the path or use Big Trak to send messages to your wife in the other room! The opportunities are endless! There's even talk that they're relaunching the Big Trak's trailer. Transport a can of coke or dump the sweet wrappers next to the waste paper bin, life will never have been so simple!

What better way was there to wind up your brother, annoy the cat or gloat to your best mates? Don't leave these memories in the past, turn nostalgia up a notch and get your hands on the re-launched Big Trak! The 2010 version of big Trak is set to be the toy of the year. There have been no amendments and no technological enhancements; Big Trak is just as 80s as you all remember. The six-wheeled programmable tank features a 23-button keypad on the top, which is used to enter the commands you wish Big Trak to follow. Big Trak will follow up to sixteen commands in one sequence but there's also a repeat function so you can create simple loops. Direct Big Trak out of your bedroom, park it in front of the kitchen door and wait for your wife to trip straight over it. Okay...maybe not a good idea but you don't live with your annoying little brother anymore so who else are you going to annoy?

Brilliant as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and 'just because' gifts, Big Trak is a brilliant toy to introduce to your children and your children's children! The first thing they'll think is " remote control?" but teach them the art of Big Trak's adventures and they'll be dying to swap their Playstation Three for the ultimate programmable tank!

Find Me A Gift are literally falling over each other in excitement to be the first retailer to offer Big Trak on pre-order! Secure your very own piece of programmable tank history with Big Trak, the ultimate 80's toy!

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