Birthday Greetings!

Published: 22nd August 2009
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Birthday Greetings!

It is always lovely to receive birthday wishes from friends and family. Whether it is a simple text message or a birthday greeting written in the sky, just knowing that someone is thinking of you is what can make a birthday extra special! Birthday cards are a great way to convey birthday greetings. But before you put on your shopping shoes and head to the high street, why not get online to Here you can peruse their virtual shelves of birthday cards, all of which can be personalised by you! Here is a taster of a few of the fantastic cards they have to offer.

First into bat is a card that will bowl any cricket fan over. Hit a card for six with the Birthday Personalised Card - Cricket Bat, it really is a Yorker of a card. It features a cricket bat (and ball) on the front of which you can put the recipient's name on, up to 21 characters! Cricket fans will surely be stumped for words, when they see their name on the front of this card's batting order! You also get to put a personalised message on the inside of the card too, up to 150 characters. So you could put in; 'England is going to whoop Australia in the Ashes' if you so wish! Rain won't stop this card from fielding it's way to the cricket-loving birthday batter's glove, although they may have trouble trying to open it with them on!

Do you have a fabulous friend who you think is simply the best? If so, for their birthday why not send them the Cute Bee's Knees - Birthday Personalised Card? On the front is a cute buzzy bee and at the top of the card there is space where you can have the person's name and surname (or nickname) written (up to 22 characters). So the card could read 'sweetest honeypot, you are the bee's knees'! Inside you can buzz in a personalised message of up to 150 characters. So go on take this honey of a card and get bee's-wax lyrical with it!

Kids love birthdays, full stop. The cards, presents, balloons and parties! Why not amaze them by sending them their very own personalised happy birthday card? It will certainly stand out from the card crowd too! The Kid's Monster - Birthday Personalised Card is illustrated brilliantly with a fun looking blue, four eyed alien monster. You can have their name put on the front too up to 14 characters. Inside, you have clearance to transmit a secret message for your intended little monster, but be sure to keep it under the 150-character radar to avoid it from being zapped!

For all those adult birthdays that are celebrated with the help of a drink or two, why not give them a comical pre-emptive card like the Birthday Personalised Card - Funny Cat? It has a picture of a cat with wonky eyes licking up milk. Onto which you can put the recipient's name (who no doubt will end up slightly inebriated by the end of their birthday festivities) on! It's then followed by the funny phrase 'put way too much vodka in her milk'. Don't forget to put a message inside either, perhaps their address in case they party a little too much! For fun loving felines, this card is positively purr-fect for them!

For any hound dogs out there, unleash some hangover humour by barking the Birthday Personalised Card - Hungover Dog to them! With an icepack on his head, this sorry-eyed canine could well resemble your pedigree chum the morning after the birthday night before! Tag the front with the recipient's name (up to 24 characters) which then reads ...'regretted having that last shot of Tequila!' So paws for thought when it comes to buying birthday cards for your pals, especially for the ones who you know are going to be feeling 'ruff' the next day!

For happy birthday cards, forget the humdrum of the high street! Get on the superhighway to and treat them to a special personalised birthday card instead!

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