Chinese New Year Inspired Gifts

Published: 18th February 2010
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Chinese New Year Inspired Gifts

This year Chinese New Year begins on 14th February and 2010 brings us the Year of the Tiger! Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days and is the most important traditional celebration in the Chinese calendar. This festival, in essence, is about celebrating new life, spending time with family and friends and sweeping away any bad luck. Red represents fire, which the Chinese believe will frighten off evil spirits. This is why you always see many Chinese people dress in red for this festivity.

People celebrate Chinese New Year all around the globe and here at we have a wealth of gifts that can help you welcome good luck into your life for this new lunar year.

On New Year's Day, it is customary for Chinese parents and grandparents to leave money (and sweets) in a red envelope under a child's pillow. Obviously we can't give away free money but we can however bring you the Golden Money Bag - Good Fortune Token. This charm comes in a little satin pouch and makes the perfect good luck charm present; perfect if you or someone you know always find yourselves wishing that a bit more money would come your way! Cast in the finest pewter and gold plated, this cute little charm has a good fortune symbol moulded onto it to help attract prosperity to your pocket.

But money can't buy you happiness (it can be fun to spend it though) and true happiness can only really come from within. As we grow up we all have to make our own choices (be it good or bad) and follow different paths. The Life Charms in a Box is a stunning collection of 5 sterling silver charms to accompany and inspire you on life's journey.

Measuring approximately 1 cm squared, each sterling silver amulet has a different meaning. The Flower Charm is for inspiration, the Key is for empowerment, the Shamrock for luck, the Heart for love and friendship and the Angel represents protection. These gorgeous sterling silver life charms come presented in a lovely sterling silver hinged box, which has "Life Charms" engraved onto it and each set comes with its own story or poem card. The Life Charms in a Box makes a stunning gift for those who are just setting off on their own life's path. They're perfect for someone who has perhaps slightly lost their way and needs a little reminder of the fact that whichever path you choose, you are never alone.

Lucky charms make wonderful presents and are ideal for when you just need an extra bit of luck to come in your direction. However, if you are looking for some charms that you can keep with you at all times to encourage continual luck and promote positivity, then the Seven Lucky Rings Necklace is the Chinese New Year gift for you!

This super Seven Lucky Rings Necklace is a special piece of jewellery that can remind you how precious life is every single day. This beautiful necklace is unisex and would look striking on both women and men. This necklace of good fortune features seven lucky silver rings on an attractive chain, which measures approximately 46 cm. Each quality silver ring represents a separate day of the week. By simply touching, rubbing or by just wearing the Seven Lucky Rings Necklace, you'll be granted with positivity and luck that your week will go well.

Chinese culture and (partly superstition) believe that certain numbers are auspicious or inauspicious. Seven is a universally known lucky number, especially in China. However you could always split the Seven Lucky Rings Necklace up and give a few rings of luck to someone else you hold dear. 'Even' numbers are generally considered 'good luck', except for the number 4, which according to Chinese superstitions is extremely bad luck! However 5 is associated with the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal), which would leave 2 rings. The Chinese believe this is a good number, as the saying goes "good things come in pairs". Which is true, as both you and whoever you split this superb Seven Lucky Rings Necklace with can be showered with fortune, luck and love through the power of positive thinking!

If all this talk of Chinese New Year and the start of a new life has got you wanting to bring a little touch of China into your home, then why not grow your own Bonsai tree? The Bonsai Tree Kit - Grow 2 Bonsai Tree's allows you to grow your own Bonsai trees from scratch! With two tubs of seeds, compost and two terracotta pots, you can bring life to either Canadian Sugar & Colorado Spruce Bonsai trees or Bread Tree & Australian Flowering Gum Bonsai trees.

This brilliant Bonsai Tree Kit comes with everything you need to produce 3-8 saplings suitable for trimming into mini Bonsai trees. All you need to provide is some tender loving horticultural care and some artistic Bonsai pruning skills!

So seeing as it's the Year of the Tiger, why not get your claws into some fabulous gift ideas inspired by the Chinese New Year from and help bring some good luck into your life! Oh, one more thing...Gung hei fat choi (Happy New Year)!


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