International Friendship Day

Published: 05th August 2009
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International Friendship Day.

International Friendship Day is on Sunday August 2nd 2009. It is a day that is dedicated to friends and friendships and is celebrated all over the world. The tradition of honouring friends began in the US back in 1935 and has gradually increased in popularity. Many countries now join in the annual celebration, which is always held on the first Sunday of August. Friendship Day is a day that is spent with friends and showing them how much they mean to you. The exchanging of Friendship Day gifts is a popular custom of this day too. So why not get online to, a true ally when it comes to finding a great gifts for a wonderful friend.
The Pewter Friends Forever Token is ideal for letting someone know how much they mean to you. This beautiful heart-shaped pewter best friend token has 'Friends Forever' engraved on one side! It is presented in a soft red organza pouch and is perfect for showing your friend that you will be friends forever. This gift maybe small, but the sentiment is big! It can easily be carried around wherever your friend goes as a caring reminder of your valued and cherished friendship. A friendship of which will last until the end of time!
If you wish to add a little bit of weight behind your sentiment, then get them the fabulous Friends for Life Flowers Paperweight! It is a lovely glass paperweight that features a host of pretty daisies and the words 'Friends for Life' engraved on it. This gorgeous 'Friends for Life Flower Friendship Token Paperweight' is a thoughtful gift to give and a delightful one to receive! Just like your friendship, the bright and perky daisies will never dull or droop. This cute and practical trinket will sit patiently on a shelf, dressing table or desk as an endearing keepsake of your treasured friendship.
Say it with flowers! Who doesn't love to receive a bunch of flowers? With the Friendship Bouquet Flower Delivery you can send a fantastic floral delight from one fantastic friend to another! The Friendship Bouquet is bursting with a mixture of truly beautiful flowers. It is a scented, sensational and seasonal explosion that will surely seal your affection for your much-loved friend! Flowers are glorious to receive anytime of the year. So why not make Friendship Day extra special? Have the stunning Friendship Bouquet Flower Delivery sent straight to your best friend's doorstep! Never underestimate the power of a flower. With amazing arrangement, it really is a lovely heartfelt way to say thanks for being such a pal and confidante to someone who is always there in time of need.
Real friends stick with you through thick and thin. Together, you see the good times, and see each other through the bad ones. You support one another; friends are just what you need to pick you up, to cheer each other up and to be there to bounce off. So what better way to help celebrate Friendship Day than doing exactly that? Yes, I mean you and your best mate, thrown together inside a giant bouncy ball and then flung down a steep hill! Ha-ha, I'm not joking! With the totally awesome Aqua Sphereing Experience for Two, you and your partner in crime can hurtle down a sizeable hill in a massive sphere! As kids, did you dare each other to see if you could fit into the washing machine? Well now you can both experience what it is like! This latest extreme activity will have you and your sidekick rolling down a hill in a super sized sphere. With no harnesses and only each other to hold onto, you will slip and slide around inside the ball with thirty litres of water! Face this activity head on and be prepared to be tossed about, up and down. But hey with your buddy at your side, it will be plain sailing all the way (well, give or take a bump or two!)
But if you want something a little more indulgent to treat you and your cherished chum to, why not check in with the Health Club Day Pass for Two Experience? You and your bestest buddy can look forward to a day of relaxation, rejuvenation and pampering. For anything to prosper and grow, it needs all the right ingredients and friendships are no exception! With some give and take mixed in with thoughtfulness, take an equal portion of a shoulder to cry on and a ear to shout in and you have yourself a real top pal in the making.
Friendships need care and attention and so do you! The health club pass gives you access to one of the luxurious Livingwell Health & Fitness Clubs located around the country. You can both take full advantage of the fabulous facilities that they have to offer. Both men and women can use this experience. Facilities vary, but typically they include a swimming pool, spa pool, sauna, steam room, solarium and gym. So whether you wish to relax your mind and body or go for the burn, a day at a friendly quality health club is just what you both deserve. So revitalize your own well beings and treat your friendship to a tranquil workout too!
Friendship Day is a day to recognise friends and all that they do, wherever they may be. So have fun and celebrate this day with them! Let them know you are thinking of them! Wave a hand at, for hundreds of women's gifts to help express just how much a friend's friendship means to you!

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