Novelty Gifts for Kids

Published: 19th March 2010
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Novelty Gifts for Kids

Are you on the lookout for some fun novelty gifts for kids? If so, then look no further than Here you can delve into our online big box of tricks, where you will find a whole host of novelty items that are guaranteed to put a huge grin on childrens' faces everywhere!

For any child over the age of five who is prone to tapping incessantly, why not let their fingers bang down on a drum, rather than every single surface they get their mittens on around your home? But before you go screaming: "A drum kit? Not on your nelly!" this isn't a full size kit, it's a finger sized kit!

The fabulous Finger Drums is a realistic miniature set of drums that comprises of Snare and Bass drums, small and a large Tom-Tom and a cymbal. This nifty set runs off batteries (which are included) and when each finger drum is hit it makes its own super sound and lights up too! Forget your computer console games; Finger Drums is where the fun is at. Measuring approximately 17 cm x 14.5 cm x 10 cm, you can carry this superb set around with you and play them whenever and wherever you like. Your offspring will love playing a drum roll as you try to reverse into a parking space!

Finger Drums features a demo mode but as soon as children get their fingers going on these scaled down drums they'll be pro's in no time. Finger Drums could even inspire them to start up their own mini rock band with friends (at least it will keep them out of mischief). So save your sideboards and kitchen tables and let kids strike up a sweat beat on the fantastic Finger Drums instead.

Do you know some children who have a habit of sticking their fingers where they shouldn't? Be it dirty hands on clean laundry, in the icing of a cake baked for someone else or popping all the bubble wrap insulation in your greenhouse. Hmm, no wonder your plants never made it through the winter! If that sounds familiar, then pop a Poptastic Bubble Wrap Keyring into their paws to play with instead!

As novelty items go, the Poptastic Bubble Wrap Keyring is one of the best. I mean, who doesn't love to pop bubble wrap? Like moths to a flame, kids will be drawn to the 'pop, pop, and pop' as they squish the bubbles on this amazing keyring. This key ring sounds and looks like bubble wrap and runs off batteries so the popping will never end. After 200 pops you even get a congratulatory "Yee-Haa!". Put a Poptastic Bubble Wrap Keyring in any child's hands and they'll be positively stuck to it like glue!

Children are fascinated by insects and creatures and love to make a mess- the gooey the better as far as they are concerned! Why not surprise them by giving them their two favourite things in one, with the incredible Critter Splat Ball? Now I know what you're thinking, and no, this isn't a ball to throw and splat critters with. The curious looking Critter Splat Balls are the most fantastically disgusting balls around, which is why kids (who love revolting things) will go absolutely crazy over them!

Critter Splat Balls are clear squishy balls filled with water, in which a creature is suspended. They either contain rats, worms or cockroaches, but don't worry; these creepy critters are not real! Children can take great ghastly delight as these grisly Critter Balls splat against any surface they are thrown at. And you don't have to fret either as there is no mess with the Critter Splat Balls, so its smiles (and eughh's) all round!

So for plenty more novelty items why not take a goosy gander online at and treat the kids to some wicked fun novelty gifts!


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