Published: 04th August 2010
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Find Me a Gift soothes your aches and pains with a squishy vibrating cushion. is an online gift company based in the Midlands. They stock a wide range of gifts, gadgets and gizmos. From personalised presents to gift experience packages, flowers and cards there is something for everyone and for all ages.

The Cushtie Vibrating Microbead Pillow is a fabulous vibrating pillow which can be used to ease away aches and pains. The Cushtie Pillow is packed full of marvellous microbeads which enable the cushion to conform to just about any shape. The Cushtie Vibrating Microbead Pillow makes a great gift that will help soothe and massage away the stresses of the day.

It's the hundreds and thousands of micro ultra-slippery polystyrene beads that make this superb Vibrating Pillow so unbelievably squishy and thus so, so comforting! Cushtie Pillows are renowned for their super soft texture, so combine this with this Cushtie Pillows terrific vibrating features, it's a match made in de-stressing heaven! This fantastic Cushtie Vibrating Pillow takes 3 x AA batteries (not included) and can be used for the neck or back, in fact for anywhere that needs soothing. It also comes with a handy elastic strap, so that you can strap it to the back of a chair for ease too.

The Cushtie Vibrating Pillow makes wonderful gifts for women who love a bit of relaxing 'me time'. You know how it is after a long day at work, or hours spent shopping; you just want to get home and put your feet up and relax. With this comforting Cushtie Vibrating Pillow, you can do just that. Simply kick of your shoes and turn it on and place it either behind your neck or shoulders, or rest your weary legs on it. With the masses of microbeads vibrating against your skin, your muscles will soon start to calm down.

This Cushtie Vibrating Microbead Pillow is incredibly tactile, thanks to its marvellously malleable filling and stretchy fabric, so you don't even have to turn it on to begin to feel its calming effect. Just like bubble wrap, this pillow is exceptionally therapeutic and definitely hard to put down!

They make ideal gifts as they can be used at home, work or for providing great comfort when travelling on long journeys. What better way to ease tense shoulders after driving hundreds of miles or working at a desk for hours on end, than popping one of these soothing pillows behind your neck and shoulders.
Muscles can soon start to ache after spending time gardening, cleaning or doing the weekly supermarket shop too, and the first port of call is usually to take a long soak in the tub. However with the Cushtie Vibrating Microbead Pillow you don't have to wait to run a bath or get undressed, as all you need to do is switch it on and snuggle on up to it.

So treat tired muscles, aches and pains to the amazing Cushtie Vibrating Microbead Pillow. It's the super squishy way to soothe and vibrate your stresses away!

Find Me a Gift offers everything online without the need for people to spend money on petrol, parking and inflated prices. With special offers and free shipping on orders over £100 (UK only) this online store has everything from cheap novelty items to luxury experiences. Find Me a Gift is one of the UK's leading online gift retailers (ranked in the Top 10 of Hitwise). Established in June 2000, the company specialises in a wide range of gadgets, experiences, toys and personalised gifts with worldwide delivery and year round sales.

Jessie Jones
Find Me A Gift

Because giving feels good......

Jessie Jones joined Find Me A Gift in May 2008 and has been writing fabulous articles for us ever since!

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