Treat Your Dad to a Totally Top, Super Day!

Published: 19th June 2009
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If you have a super dad, then why not make him feel like one by getting him the Father's Day Superman Men's Dressing Gown? Yes, he may step out of bed as your dad, but when he slips on this dressing gown he's Super Dad! This superhero bathrobe features the big Superman logo on the back and a smaller one on the front. Your dad-shaped man of steel can now tackle every day head-on and he'll be ready to fly into any situation. Just as well the Superman Dressing Gown is machine washable then!
To accompany the Superman Bathrobe, why not get the Father's Day Personalised Card - Superdad? It's a fantastic personalised Father's Day card that allows you to personalise the front of the card with his name, up to 24 characters. And you can even put a personalised message inside the card too, up to a maximum of 150 characters. The Superman Dressing Gown and Personalised Superdad Card make a superb impenetrable combination that your father will think is out of this world!
If your dad feels the need for speed every time he gets behind the lawnmower, give him a bit of that Father's Day loving feeling with the Father's Day Top Gun Leather Wallet! This wallet isn't just any ordinary wallet, oh no! You have top-level clearance that enables your elite father to get his hands on the controls of some official Top Gun memorabilia. The leather wallet has the Top Gun logo beautifully embossed on the front, whilst inside there are card, notes, and ID slots (even a card with quotes on from the movie)! So, not only is it a functional leather wallet but it's also a fabulous piece of memorabilia from a famed classic 80's movie.
If your dad is always coming out with off the cuff remarks about your dress sense, why don't you tell him to put a button in it with the marvellous Father's Day Personalised Top Dad Cufflinks? These really cool cufflinks have 'Top' on one cufflink and 'Dad' on the other. They come in a snazzy chrome gift box that you can put a personalised message on, up to 50 characters. So you could put, "To the best dad in the world" or "To My Top Dad, now you can button it with bling!" Add a touch of class to your dads' shirts with The Top Dad Cufflinks, so now all he needs to complete the look is a pair of aviator sunglasses!

But don't forget that every Maverick gift needs a Goose or Iceman to be their wingman! So why not get the Father's Day Personalised Card - Top Gun? An ace personalised card that features fighter jets and has 'Top Guy' written in the style of Top Gun. Personalise the card with your dad's name (24 characters) and put a personalised message inside too (150 characters). Your dad will truly love these top flight gifts!

Your dad is special; he is one tough guy too, right? So why not give him a basket of treats for him to really get stuck into? Delivered straight to your door by F1 Find Me A Gift fighter pilots, (ok, perhaps not) is the Thornton's Terrific Toffee Hamper. Yes, this box of tantalising toffees will keep your dad unequivocally quiet for weeks. That's because it's packed with so much chewy goodness!

It's a complete toffee fest, with Assorted Special Toffee (ideal for a father who can never make up his mind), Brazil Nut and Fruit and Nut Special Toffees (perfect for the just plain nutty dads out there), then you have Banana Toffee (no explanation needed there!) and Treacle Toffee which is the ultimate toffee to keep your dad from talking so much twaddle! But the sticky stuff doesn't stop there! Refresh his senses or confuse them with 125g of Mint Special Toffee. And like Marmite, he will either love or hate the Liquorice Special Toffee! Chocolate Smothered Toffee, Toffee Choccies, Original Toffee, Tomato Toffee, ha, made that last one up, but phew anyway; it's a total toffee overload. Your Father will be on Toffee cloud nine for months with this lot!

So take this opportunity and get your much-loved dad a much-loved gift! No matter how big or small, it's a token to say thanks and to let him know how much he is loved and appreciated. What are you waiting for? You don't need a cape or a pilot's license to take to the skies with Find Me A Gift. Home in on a whole treasure trove of father's day gifts to treat your dad to a totally top and super day!

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